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This is Vivo Z10 main firmware update that you can easily install on your phone through SDcard. In essence, you do not need a PC to install this firmware.

If you have actually previously rooted your phone or customized the system software in anyway you should not use this upgrade bundle. It will soft-brick your phone.

All important information on the phone (like contacts, messages, app information, etc) must be backed up to avoid data loss. This update does not impact existing information on your phone; it is encouraged that you remove all existing data on your phone via healing before you update, to make sure a tidy and fresh setup. So, it is affordable to state that you backup essential data in case something goes wrong approximately you can use them later.

Also make sure that the phone is charged to at least 30% so that the flashing process will not be disrupted by low battery. If the process is interrupted the phone might get bricked.

After downloading the file from link listed below, follow setup directions to direct you through the upgrade procedure. Please do post a comment/report broken links so they can be updated as soon as possible.

Download Vivo Z10 main firmware upgrade

File Name PD1708 F_EX_A_3.7.5- update-full _1538877544 zip
Size 2 GB
Build PD1708 F_EX_A_3.7.5
Release Date 2019-10-18
Firmware Download

Installation/ Update Instructions

The first step to installing this official firmware update is to eliminate all information on your phone. It is not compulsory that you do this, but it is required and ‘ very much recommended‘.

For complete screen devices:

  • Wipe Data: Power off your phone, then press and hold Power button and Volume up button simultaneously up until Vivo logo appears to go into Fastboot mode. Select Recovery mode by pressing Volume down button and enter it by pushing Power button
Vivo Y71 official firmware update via recovery
Vivo Fullscreen devices Fastboot, Recovery. Credits- Vivo
  • Touch Wipe data > Wipe data > go into the lock screen password Then select Reboot system to reboot your phone.

For gadgets with 16:9 display screen:

  • Wipe Data: Power off your phone, then press and hold Power button and Volume up button at the same time till Vivo logo appears to get in Recovery mode
Vivo Y71 official firmware update via recovery
Vivo 16:9 devices Recovery mode. Credits- Vivo
  • Touch Wipe information > Wipe information > Wipe information select Reboot system to reboot your phone (For Funtouch OS 2.0 and lower variation, select Recovery mode by pressing Volume down button, enter it by pressing Power button. Then choose clean data/factory reset > wipe information > clean data, and after that choose reboot system now to reboot your phone)

For Both gadgets:

  • Now that you have eliminated (cleaned) the information on your phone, reboot normally to system and copy the update file you earlier downloaded to the internal storage Place in the root, not in any folder. See listed below:
Vivo Y71 official firmware update via recovery
Vivo stock file supervisor
  • Once you have copied the file to the gadget sdcard, click on (or tap) the file to start the upgrade process. If you are unable to gain access to or boot your phone (stuck in boot screen, for example) go to the next action.
  • Follow the already laid out steps to get in Recovery mode, then choose Install update > Phone Storage or SD card > select the firmware > touch Next to begin setup (For Funtouch OS 2.0 and lower version, select “ use update from internal sdcard (Phone storage)” or “ use update from external sdcard( SD card)” depending on where you copied the file to, then choose the firmware to set up).
Vivo Y71 official firmware update via recovery
Vivo Stock recovery. Credits-Vivo

Once you finish the above actions, wait patiently for the installation process to finish as it may take a while. First boot after upgrade may take a while, so be client too.

If you have any questions or other remarks please post below.

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