Best Emoji Keyboards for Android, 2019

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 The best keyboard apps will make a competent writer out of an average user
The best keyboard apps will make a competent
 writer out of an average user

Can you imagine your smartphone without a keyboard? It’s hard to picture as there are so many important tasks one would not be able to carry out on the smartphone without the keyboard. Having the best keyboard available gives you an edge and a sense of confidence when communicating with people through your smartphone.

It is important to choose the best keyboard for your smartphone to facilitate a smooth information sharing process. As a result of this, we have come up with the best emoji keyboard for Android in 2019 for you to choose better.

Best emoji Keyboard for Android

Gboard: Amazingly, It’s Google Keyboard!

Gboard is the best keyboard app for android

Gboard is the short form of Google keyboard. Built by Google, Gboard is simply one of the best keyboard there is for Android. With this Keyboard, you can be rest assured that your typing problems have been solved. As it is not only reliable and fast but also very easy to use with lots of interesting features. This is not only the best, it is also free!

Google Keyboard has feature like Glide typing that enables you to glide your finger from letter to letter to create your thoughts. It also comes with Voice Typing and Handwriting that provides for about 150 different languages. Additionally, GBoard is that exact keyboard you need to fulfill your emoji wants. You no longer have to search endlessly for an emoji, you can search for it in the search box provided and reply quickly with the emoji of your choice!

What remains to be told about Google Keyboard is its ability to translate words in other language right in the keyboard tab. So why hesitate to try out Google Keyboard? Go for it.

Gboard is the best keyboard app for android
Google Keyboard

Download Gboard on Play Store

SwiftKey: True to its name

Swiftkey is one of the best keyboard Apps for Android

This is another ‘tecnovation’ lending credence to the creative streak of the Microsoft Inc. With this keyboard, you can own your typing space as it is programmed to be intelligent enough to understand and adapt to your typing style. You can thus, type with speed and accuracy. Among its pluses is the precise auto-correct that comes with the keyboard. It also comes with over 100 colourful themes that you can switch to suit your taste. Upon all these awesomeness, this App is also free

Swiftkey is an Android emoji keyboard that comes stocked with variants of emoji that helps you to express your thought and ideas accurately. It also enables you to use up to five languages at once in over 300 possible choice of language. Get the emoji Keyboard the blends to your taste. Try Swiftkey.

Swiftkey is one of the best keyboard Apps for Android
SwiftKey Keyboard

Download SwiftKey on Play Store

Multiling O Keyboard: Your ticket to international discussions

Multilining O Keyboard is a Multi Language Keyboard App for Android
Omni Keyboard

The list of awesome emoji Keyboard Apps will not complete without mentioning Multilining Omni Keyboard. One important feature that makes this Keyboard unique is its text transformation attribute. With it, you can style your text the way you might not be able to do with just any emoji Keyboard on Android. It is a multilingual Keyboard, that is, allows over 200 language codecs.

You can also transform the layout to your own taste. That is, from the common QWERTY style to QWERTZ, AZERTY or any style of your taste. You also have the chance of downloading the codec 2 for iOS emojis, with which you can give the impression of using an iPhone!

If you would like to get personal with the keyboard of your choice, then Multilining Omni Keyboard is the best choice you have.

This App is absolutely free on Play Store

Multilining O Keyboard is a Multi Language Keyboard App for Android
Multilining Omni Keyboard; Photo Credits: Apk4fun

Download Multilining O Keyboard on Play Store

Fleksy Keyboard: the fingers’ friend.

Fleksy keyboard  is one of the best keyboard App for Android
Fleksy Key

New York’s Time Magazine rated this App as the “killer text prediction that works with even the sloppiest of waiting. Fleksy Keyboard comes with a precise prediction feature and makes your typing even easier if you were the type that uses your Android keyboard a lot. It has 50+ themes which you can choose from to suit your style, including the Chameleon theme that matches the app you are currently using. Though it comes with in-app purchases, the free features are just as great and okay.

Fleksy does not spy on the keywords you type with your keyboard; therefore your information is safe while you are using the keyboard. You should not hesitate to download the private Android Keyboard App you have been looking for.

Fleksy keyboard  is one of the best keyboard App for Android
Fleksy Keyboard

Download Fleksy Keyboard on Play Store

Chrooma Keyboard: Type with dynamism.

Chrooma Keyboard is one of the most stylish keyboard for Android
Chrooma Keyboard

Chrooma Keyboard is one of the best keyboard on the Android platform. With its night mode feature, the ability to split for one finger typing makes it stand out. Chrooma Keyboard comes with various emoji as well and many languages to type with without switching the keyboard at all. It is free for the public but it has some in-app purchases

Chrooma Keyboard also has the chameleon theme that lets it adapt to any App which it is being launched with. Chrooma Keyboard should end your search if you have been looking for that dynamic keyboard for your Android device.

Either Google Keyboard, SwiftKey, O Keyboard, Fleksy or Chrooma, we assure you that you are choosing the best emoji Keyboard app for your Android devices. You can not afford to pass over the opportunity of using any one of these amazing Keyboard Apps.

Chrooma Keyboard is one of the most stylish keyboard for Android
Chrooma Keyboard

Download Chrooma Keyboard on Play Store

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